Our Values

These values are the backbone to the way that we lead, love, and live. These are the keys to us being real people, serving a real God, and changing lives. They create filters for how our leaders make decisions in order to facilitate and implement the culture. Our desire is that all of our staff, leaders, and partners live out these values in their daily lives, impacting everything that they do for the glory of God.


A culture of acceptance, made up of people from diverse racial backgrounds and stages in life.


A culture that introduces Jesus Christ as well as gives people the tools to mature their personal relationship with Him.


A culture that empowers people to share the love of God by being an example to their own sphere of influence, igniting a chain reaction through nations.


A culture that promotes positive relationships through fellowship and strengthening family units.

Character Development

A culture that requires integrity and sound character.


A culture that thrives on forward thinking and innovative ideas.


A culture that makes an impact on its surrounding community through acts of love and service.

What to Expect

Our church promotes people to be free and live daily on the promises given in the Bible. Instead of professing a certain denomination or affiliation, there should be a distinct sense of character. The way that we live from day to day will serve as a witness of the love of Jesus Christ to others.

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